Kingfish Disease

18/10/11 - Author: Bushy

For the last few weeks I have been suffering a bad case of Kingy disease. It is no secret that these special fish have made a spectacular comeback right along the east coast of Australia and I have been doing my best to see that the numbers don’t get too out of control!king fish bushy

Actually it isn’t my fault that I have been fishing so often – the Shimano tackle company made me do it. The head honchos in the design department have come up with a range of new reels specially designed for catching fast, tough gamefish on braided lines. The Talica series is super- light and compact but the drags are unbelievably smooth and powerful and the line capacity on the reels is just amazing.

I have been using a Talica 10 with forty pound Power pro braid for the normal run of fish and I also have a Talica 25 set up for really big fish. This Talica 25 takes 600 m of 65 pound power pro with a top-shot of about 200 m of 80 pound power pro. For a small reel this line load is just unprecedented and when you combine the massive capacity with a smooth two speed set up just about any fish that swims is in danger.

I know it is a tough job but when the boss says we need to give these reels a good run on the kingies and tell everyone how good they are I just have to obey orders.

I am in a perfect spot to tackle kingfish because Eden is only about half an hours drive away and Bermagui is only an hour up the road. The fish seem to be on in at least one of the two areas most of the time so the tackle does get a fair work out.

Recently the fish have been a bit erratic so it pays to rig for a variety of situations. If things are a bit shut down live-baits in the form of yellowtail or slimy mackerel will wake the fish up. I rig some light 40 pound leaders for the Talica 10 if the fish are running from 75 cm to 90 cm and I fish 150 pound traces on the 25 Talica if anything bigger turns up.  A lot of the livies are small so hooks as small as 4 work well on the lighter gear.

If the kingies are on the job then butterfly jigs catch plenty. Sometimes a quick lift and drop works and other times a fast continuous wind does the trick.

Keep one eye on your sounder and look for columns of bait or individual kingies.

On some days the fish really go nuts and when they are busting up on the surface the best method is to throw poppers at them with a big eggbeater set up. I rig a short 100 lb trace to 65 pound power pro and pull like hell!

Looks like another good day tomorrow – almost a pity I have to go to work – if you call a dose of kingfish fever work. See you on the water – Bushy.

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