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Bream Plastic Catches Barra and Tarpon in FNQ

07/06/12 - Author: Dylan Brier-mills

Rainy windy and cold winter weather has stopped the opportunity’s to fish every week like we all want. The water temp has dropped dramatically in the last couple of weeks and has been dirty with the rain. With a lot [...]

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Snapper Time

14/06/12 - Author: Scott Mitchell

I was told by a number of “mates “when we moved to Hervey Bay five years ago that we would miss the change in seasons. I imagine that’s because they thought it was warm to hot all year round in [...]

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Butterfly Jigging

19/06/12 - Author: admin

I have been successfully using the Shimano Butterfly jigs for the last 12 months with incredible results, learning the correct technique for each jig was the hardest part of the equation. There are 3 styles of Butterfly jigs available Centrevortex, [...]

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Gearing up for Winter Cod

22/06/12 - Author: Scott Mcauliffe

For years the iconic Murray Cod has been the major target species for many inland anglers of south eastern Australia. These fish have long been known as a warm water species and to a certain extent this is true, catch [...]

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Winter in SA

26/06/12 - Author: Jamie Crawford

Our southern winters can be pretty harsh, but with the change of the season brings new opportunities and a varied selection of species on offer. Although the July to August window can be a pretty windy time here in SA, [...]

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