Aernos FA

Aernos FA

12/01/12 - Author: admin

Like love at first sight, our favourite lures are often chosen on appearance. If they don’t catch your eye, either on the tackle shop display wall or later in the tackle box, they’ll probably struggle to get a swim. Those that do make the grade and catch fish, however, are soon elevated to superstar status and get used until there’s no paint left on them, they’re lost on a dumb cast, or a bigger than usual fish decides that he’d like to keep it as a souvenir.

It’s largely the same with other items of fishing tackle. When you’ve got a wall full of rods and reels to choose from (and let’s face it, we’re all in the same boat on this score), it’s most likely going to be that eye-catching combo — especially if it has the features you require — that will get the nod for that next fishing trip.

Now it’s said that beauty is only skin deep, but with Shimano’s new Aernos FA threadline series, the attractive features go all the way to the bone. Internally, the gears are super tough die-cast zinc, everything moves smoothly and in unison thanks to the presence of five shielded stainless steel ball bearings and a roller bearing, while Super Stopper II eliminates backplay in the aluminium handle.

This is all housed inside Shimano’s XT7 body and rotor, the latter featuring Dyna-Balance to eliminate wobble during the retrieve. XT7 has been around for many years now, and is especially advantageous when you need a strong yet light reel frame, such as when rods and reels are expected to be hand-held for long periods of time. There are three reels in the series — the 1000FA, 2500FA and the 4000FA — and are ideal for active fishing pursuits, such as spinning with metal Vibes in the fresh, through to snappering with Squidgies.

The red anodised cold forged spool looks incredibly cool and combined with the smoke grey body, is reminiscent of Shimano’s ground breaking CI4 threadline series. It is particularly striking when spooled with yellow Power Pro Braid. The spool has also been given the EI Surface Treatment for longer life, and the AR-C Spool Management Systems works with the Varispeed braided line lay to ensure line comes onto and leaves the spool smoothly.

The Aernos FA also has a spare spool with the same features, and given that the drag system on all three reels has incredible range, it just underlines the versatility of the Aernos FA series.

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Aernos FA

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