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While every rock or beach angler wants to catch the biggest fish possible – kingfish, knobby headed snapper, tuna, or jewies off the stones, and for beach fishos the latter is certainly the ultimate prize, there is a host of smaller, more numerous fun species worth targeting that are also tasty to eat. For those who like sand between their toes, think of bream, sand whiting, chopper tailor, flathead, dart and salmon, while the wild and woolly rockhoppers species’ of choice are bream, tailor, rock blackfish, luderick, bonito, even salmon if you know a good recipe.

Now for a lot of the time you don’t need giant reels and four metre rods to target these species. On a surf beach, most fish will be found lurking in a near-shore gutter, and on the stones where foaming white water meets rock. Consequently, a long cast isn’t necessary, but should the need arise, the tapered shape of the big pit spool and the AR-C Spool Management System on Shimano’s Alivio XTA threadline means you’ll have no problems reaching that distant patch of darker water or reef.

With a line capacity of 330 metres of five kilo mono, 210 metres of 24 kilo Power Pro braid and the potential to dial up 10 kilos of drag power if needed, the Alivio XTA also has the capacity to deal with those unsuspecting trophy fish that happen along from time to time and intercept that insignificant strip of bait or shellfish. Always remember, elephants eat peanuts!

The Alivio XTA has one sealed ball bearing and one roller bearing, perfect for a reel of this size, and Dyna Balance removes rotor wobble on the retrieve. Varispeed ensures that the line is laid neat and even across the spool with no peaks or troughs, which is imperative when using braided line. The Power Roller eliminates line twist that could otherwise cause wind knots and fluffs in braided lines, and cuts down friction as well.

To make the perfect light prospecting outfit, Shimano has a selection of well-matched rods for the Alivio XTA. There are two in the Aerowave Composite surf series (graphite composite), two in the Aerowave Graphite surf series (full graphite), and two in the Aerowave Glass series (full fibreglass). These measure between 3.3 and 3.6 metres in length, are rated for use with four to ten kilo lines, and break down into two or three pieces of ease of transport.

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