Aqua Tip

Aqua Tip

12/01/12 - Author: admin

If you’re looking for a rod that can handle a reasonable amount of rough treatment in the hands of rookie anglers, kids, or people who are just a bit hard on the gear, yet one that has the right sort of performance characteristics backed up with an impressive pedigree, it’s really hard to go past Shimano’s Aqua Tip rods.

This enduring series has been completely re-designed for the 2011/12 season, with a staggering 23 new rods, but retaining the all-important Howald Process blank manufacturing technique. There are rods for estuary spinning, baitcaster rods, snapper on Squidgy rods, a couple of bluewater trolling rods, there’s a big beach rod — why there’s even two specialist rods designed just for the wet and wild world of kayak fishing!

The Howald blank manufacturing process has been with us for many a long year, and early examples saw people doing incredible things to demonstrate their flexibility — acts that had experienced fishos and tackle shop proprietors in particular, recoiling in horror. The “you broke it, you bought it” clause was enacted a few times as a result, but public education has stemmed these acts of foolhardiness to a large extent. But if you want a no-nonsense knockabout rod, well it’s hard to go past an Aqua Tip.

The tip itself is actually solid glass, which is integrated into the tubular bottom section of the blank. This provides a very flexible yet sturdy top section that is ideal as a bite detector, while the rest of the tubular graphite/fibreglass blank is powerful yet light in weight. Depending on what you want to use the rod for, the more tip, the more flexibility; the less tip, the more power.

The integration is done via a complex manufacturing process, and means the tip and blank is fused together as one, as opposed to other manufacturing methods where different tip materials are glued into the tubular section.

Aqua Tip rods are also incredibly good value for money. This will help to free up the budget up to buy more lures (very important) or, if looking for a new Shimano reel to go with the new rod, spend a bit more and get something that comes with a spare spool for another line class, has a few more ball bearings, a better drag, or a greater line capacity.

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Aqua Tip

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