Backbone Elite Game Rods

Backbone Elite Game Rods

23/02/12 - Author: admin

Game fishing can be an expensive pursuit, but Shimano’s Backbone Elite series are an economical approach to bluewater fishing.

The Shimano rod designers have revisited the eight rods in the series for the new season and all the popular line classes have been covered. There’s 10, 15, 24 and 37 kilo rods with fixed Pacific Bay guides and a roller tip; a 15 and a 24 with all fixed Pacific Bay guides; and a 15 and a 24 kilo with a full set of Pacific Bay rollers.

Reels seats and gimbals are anodised aluminium (the latter with removable rubber butt caps), the Slick Butts are hard-wearing and make it easy to get a loaded up rod out of a rod holder with a minimum of effort, and the long fighting foregrips are well shaped and comfortable to use over the course of a long fight without hand fatigue creeping in.

Team any Backbone Elite up with a Shimano TLD or a dual speed Tyrnos and you can be out there game fishing with the best of them for not too much coin.

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