Baitrunner OC

Baitrunner OC

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We’ve touched on the fascinating history of the Shimano Baitrunner threadline reel in Shimano Shack before, but this uniquely Australian invention has a world wide following from people who appreciate having the option of letting a fish run with a bait for a distance completely unimpeded before striking.

The Baitrunner is no longer just a bait fishing reel though. Imagine a Baitrunner B series reel, but one that has been pimped to take it to a whole new level of performance — well that’s what you get with a Baitrunner Oceania or OC. This is a uniquely Australian reel developed specifically for Australian species and fishing conditions.

Gel spun polyethylene line like Power Pro was barely a concept when the very first Baitrunners rolled off the assembly line in Japan way back in the mid 1980s, but the OCs are designed to be braid friendly, thanks to Vari-Speed line lay. This will see line coming onto and exiting the spool without hiccups, and the Propulsion Line Management System increases casting distance, regardless of whether you’ve got a pilchard, a Lucanus jig or Waxwing lure tied on the end of the leader.

In keeping with the growing use of braided lines, drag power has been increased substantially too, so even the smallest model in the range, the 4000OC, is capable of fishing a whopping seven kilos of drag. The big daddy 12000OC can handle up to a vertebrae-popping 11 kilos, putting it into the realm of popper fishing for GTs, jigging for kings, sudden-death bait fishing for coral trout, or any situation where redlining tackle becomes necessary to avoid getting shredded around snags or reef.

A new beefier handle will help the angler stay in control, and three-double-sided shielded stainless steel bearings and an anti-reverse bearing means winding is truly effortless. A maintenance port makes owner-servicing a breeze and the spool clicker is easily replaceable if real reel screamers are part of your fishing future.

The new OCs still retain the Baitrunner’s incredible freespool range, but one improvement we’ve previously seen on the Thunnus series and is now available on the OC is that the freespool lever now lies against the body when engaged.

Look to pair the new Baitrunner OC reels with rods in either the TCurve or Raider ranges for a match made in fishing heaven.

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