Biomaster FB

Biomaster FB

18/10/11 - Author: admin

There’s a lot of talk about ‘finesse’ fishing these days and in essence it revolves around leaving nothing to chance that can have hook-shy, pressured or just big, old and therefore wise fish giving any ham-fisted or incorrect presentations the big thumbs-down.

Of course, this is magnified under the pressure of a tournament situation where sponsors expect their anglers to perform, and there are often substantial piles of cash and/or prizes to factor into the equation as well. Whether it be bream, bass or even snapper, every item of tackle, from the knots, lure weights, hook points, leader diameter and length, through to the choice of line, reels and rods needs to be carefully scrutinised. If it’s not up to the job, it’s fixed or replaced.

Now, not everybody takes their fishing quite this seriously, but there are lessons to be learned from the pros. Experimentation and leaving nothing to chance no matter what your level of enthusiasm and skill are paramount to success when the fishing is tough.

Tournament pros are raving about Shimano’s new Biomaster FB series of threadlines — and with good reason. This is a threadline reel series for connoisseurs — people who want the best and demand perfection.

These reels won’t necessarily help you find the fish — that’s still up to you — but once you’ve established their whereabouts, they will help get the lure right into the strike zone, and once the target species is hooked, put it in the knot-free confines of the Environet.

There are three reels in this all-new range, the 1000FB, 2500FB and 4000FB, covering fishing pursuits as diverse as flicking Squidgies at big bluenose bream mooching over the sandflats, to yo-yoing Lucanus jigs for knobby-headed snapper over deep reef.

The reels’ scintillating performance starts with X-Ship — a larger drive gear and an SA-RB-supported pinion gear for increased gear efficiency and easier winding. There are another five SA-RB bearings and one roller bearing for smoother operation, and it’s all encased in AI — an aircraft-grade aluminium frame.

The CF (Cold Forged) spool has Shimano’s A-RC spool technology system that all but eliminates casting issues associated with braided line, an oversize Power Roller takes care of any line twist and friction issues as line comes onto and leaves the spool, while Aerowrap lays the line on neatly. The spool itself has been given the EI surface treatment to keep corrosion at bay.

In addition to all this, there’s a tube of main gear oil, adjustment washers to customise the line lay on the spool (forward taper, rear taper or flat), and a spare cold-forged aluminium spool for use with a different braid line class or even mono, which also has the AR-C line management system.


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Biomaster FB

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