Biomaster XSB Surf reel

Biomaster XSB Surf reel

18/10/11 - Author: admin

Tournament casting threadline reels may look like a souped-up version of your everyday spinning reel, but that’s pretty much where the comparison ends. Now these specialised reels are not designed for actual fishing — they’re much too high-tech for that — but in skilled hands they do achieve incredible casting distances measured in the hundreds of metres. Yes, you read that correctly — hundreds of metres! Even on our very best day (and with the assistance of a strong tail wind), most of us would struggle to cover half that distance. While we’re unlikely to ever need to cast that far to find fish, many of those distance casting concepts can be translated into practical fishing situations for the rest of us average casters.

The most obvious feature with tournament casting threadlines is the size and shape of the spool. Oversize, shallow spools with a long forward taper means that the line peels off with as little impediment as possible. Shimano’s new Biomaster 8000XSB has it, and this is what makes it such a fantastic distance-casting rock and beach reel.

This is assisted by Shimano’s AR-C spool management system that enables the line to leave the spool lip with less resistance and prevents those annoying wind knots forming when using braid. Aerowrap II ensures the line is wound onto the spool evenly, which also means it then leaves the spool with little resistance during a cast.

The long cast spool holds 290 metres of 65 pound Power Pro Braid or 350 metres of eight kilo monofilament — the choice is yours. The Biomaster also comes with a spare graphite spool, which would be perfect for filling with a different breaking strain of braid or even nylon.

Belting a snapper sinker and occy leg beyond a shallow-fringing reef and kelp bed; a Squidgy Slick Rig into a boiling maelstrom of brown floodwater looking for a jew, or a pilchard on ganged hooks into a deep gutter beyond a sandbank for greenback tailor — these are just some of the scenarios where a big eggbeater like the Biomaster 8000XSB excels.

Surf and rock fishing often requires large amounts of lead, and in the latter situation sometimes a big lift with a fish attached, so the Floating Shaft reduces internal stresses, and complements the powerful gears which have an honest retrieve ratio of 4.6:1.

Match the Shimano Biomaster 8000XSB to an Aerowave glass, graphite or graphite composite surf/rock rod, and you’ve got yourself a winning near-shore fishing combination.

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