Bushy Bait Legend Rods

Bushy Bait Legend Rods

2/10/12 - Author: admin

While he’s a noted lure fisherman, Kaj ‘Bushy’ Busch is by no means a lure snob. He’s also quite happy to catch fish by whatever means necessary, and has no qualms about getting his hands covered with pilchard, sandworm or prawn juice if that’s what’s necessary to catch a fish — and especially so if putting a feed on the table is the name of the game.

The Bushy Legend Bait Rod series is testament to that, with some well-considered features that make them the ultimate rod of choice for bait soakers around the country.

There are seven rods in the lineup, covering bait fishing scenarios from the inland freshwater lakes and coastal estuaries to well offshore.

The graphite composite blanks are designed so that softer baits don’t go flying off the hook during the cast, but have reserves of power to keep the target species heading towards the landing net or gaff. The rods are easy to keep clean thanks to the use of EVA grips, and the high visibility tip sections are ideal for letting you know when you’re getting a bite. Reel seats are graphite for lightness, the guides are Sea Guides, and the there’s a hook keeper in front of the butt so sinkers aren’t left to bash up against them or the blank.

The longer rods are two-piece for ease of transportation, and the ferruling system is near invisible.

With its no stretch characteristics, braided super lines like Power Pro has proven extremely useful for bait fishing, and the new Bite Motion is well suited to this technique. Just focus on a black section on the high-viz orange main line for any movement, and strike the moment it begins to move.

In the reel department, good matches for the Bushy Bait Legend series would come from the Baitrunner D and Baitrunner OC stable, using their wonderful baitrunner facility to allow the fish to swim off with the bait if necessary.

So whether you worm fish for whiting, float pillies down a berley trail for snapper, live bait for yellowtail kingfish, or just need a general purpose ‘go to’ rod for a variety of different species, there’s a Bushy Bait Legend rod to suit. What’s more, every one has a Bushy ‘mo’ stamped on the butt.

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Bushy Legend Bait Rods

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