Calcutta D

Calcutta D

22/02/13 - Author: admin

The much-loved Shimano Calcutta baitcasters have been around for a long time now, and each time a new model is released or there’s a series upgrade, it’s just such an incredible improvement on what went before it.

Whether it’s bass, barra, any of the inland natives, or even inshore coastal fishing, it’s hard to go past a Calcutta for a host of reasons.

The Calcutta D series come in three sizes — the CT 200CD, CT 300D and CT 400D — and hold 135, 195 and 275 metres of 40 pound Power Pro braid respectively. The X Drag micro click adjustment means that precise drag tweaking is available to get the most out of these superlines.

And with the advent of braided line like Power Pro, it’s really quite amazing just how much drag power even small reels can dial up. The CT 200D can handle five kilos of drag, while the CT 300D and the CT 400D really take it up a level with seven kilos of drag. It wasn’t all that long ago that only game reels could draw upon that sort of stopping power!

This is all aided by the cold-forged, machine-cut aluminium frame and sideplate, so moving parts remain in precise alignment even under extreme pressure. Two of Shimano’s patented SA-RB and two A-RB bearings mean that everything operates smoothly and are up to the challenge of saltwater use.

One interesting feature of the Calcutta D series is that the star drag is positioned on the outside of the handle where it is easily adjusted, but is smaller in diameter so it can’t be bumped during the fight.

The traditional round shape means that even the big CT400D fits easily in the palm of the hand, and working in conjunction with the Bio Grip handle means it is easy to get a minnow like the new World Stage series to perform all sorts of amazing tricks when cast in tight to a snag pile.

Match any of the Calcutta D series to baitcaster rods from the Revolution Inshore or Travel Inshore, Jewell or Raider II series and they really do become an become an extension of yourself.

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