The Latest Baitcaster from Shimano!

The Latest Baitcaster from Shimano!

17/10/11 - Author: admin

Having an ‘educated thumb’ was once regarded as the measure of a skilled baitcaster or overhead reel user — just enough pressure applied with the ball of the thumb so as to avoid a backlash when the lure or bait splashed down, but not so much that it inhibited casting distance. Of course this took many hours of practice in the back yard, trying to drop a casting weight into a bucket from a set distance away, and the ensuing backlashes were predictably a cause of much frustration and bad language. Practice makes perfect they say, and over time most people’s touch and accuracy did improve and ’lashes became less commonplace, but a spell away from fishing could often undo all that hard work.

These days, however, anyone can cast like a gun right from the get-go, thanks to the Variable Braking System (VBS) found on Shimano’s Chronarch E series. A turn-key mechanism on the left hand side of the spool unlocks and swings down the end plate, and then the casting blocks that are the soul of the VBS can be clicked in for greater mechanical control, or clicked out and control of the spool’s rotations is left up to the user.

A bit of experimentation will soon reveal what combination is right for you, taking into consideration prevailing wind direction, line diameter and lure weights. Over time, you could possibly do away with them altogether and allow that now ‘educated thumb’ to do all the work.

The Chronarch was also the first Shimano baitcaster to have the turn-key spool access system. Aside for making casting management easier, it provides tool-free access to the spool cage for routine maintenance or to swap spools if you wanted to change over to another line class.

That single piece piece frame is made from machined aluminium and the Magnumlite spool is also drilled to cut down on weight. Spinning on two of the reel’s six A-RB bearings, this makes it easier to cast small wind-resistant lures like Stiffy Poppers and Stiffy Fat Ones that other baitcasters would struggle to throw with any degree of distance or accuracy.

The drag system features Dartanium II Cross Carbon washers for great range and uniform smoothness, while the PV Power Handle grips makes it easy to recover line, no matter what the fish is doing.

Spare casting blocks, a cloth bag and a spanner/screwdriver combo are also standard extras. The bass-sized 51E and the barra-sized 201E7 are left-handed reels.

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