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It’s a scene played out in tackle shops many times a week, right around the country. A regular customer walks in the door and begins his usual prowl through the rod racks, wall displays and glass cabinets. It all seems much the same as on his last visit, but then, out of the corner of his eye, a shiny new reel that wasn’t on display last time grabs his attention. He stops, backs up a bit, and peers a little closer. There’s an audible intake of breath…

Smiling knowingly, the shop assistant reaches into the counter and withdraws the reel. The customer spins the handle, his eyes light up and all of a sudden he knows that this reel is a must-have. Some quick mental calculations assess the nearness of Father’s Day/birthday/Christmas Day and the effectiveness of some heavy hints being dropped around home as the nearest milestone approaches. Or should he just bite the bullet and buy it himself?

In essence, his life won’t be complete until that reel is full of line and sitting on a rod in his hands. It’s as simple as that!

Well, you’ll have that same ‘must-have’ experience when you pick up one of Shimano’s new Citica G series baitcaster reels. This reel re-defines smoothness, but delivers it all at a reasonable price. Every feature on the reel has been designed to catch fish effortlessly, but to enhance the angling experience as it unfolds.

Three SA-RB (Shielded Anti-Rust) bearings and one roller bearing contribute to that smooth feeling. Then we have High Efficiency Gearing (HEG) for more leverage and power for fighting big fish. The Low Mass Drilled Spool and Super Free bearing supported pinion gear system eliminates friction, which in turn means a freer turning spool and longer, easier casts. This can get out of hand, but the Citica G has VBS or Variable Brake System, where casting weights inside the sideplate slow down the spool’s rotation. Click them in for greater mechanical control, or out if you wish to control the spool with your thumb.

With the three reels in the lineup being of the same size, the difference lies in the retrieve speed. The CI200G5 has a retrieve speed of 5.5:1.the CI200G6 a retrieve speed of 6.5:1, and the CI200G7 a universe-changing speed of 7.0:1. This represents a line recovery of 58, 68 and 76 centimetres respectively, with every turn of the handle.

The Citica series has a line capacity of 165 metres of four kilo mono, or 190 metres of 15 kilo Power Pro braid, making them ideal for anything from cod in the fresh to barra in the salt. The Dartanium drag means that up to five kilos of drag power can be called upon, which provides some real stopping power when needed.

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