Curado G

Curado G

12/01/12 - Author: admin

Barramundi. Is there a more iconic Aussie sportfish? Even people who live thousands of kilometres from the nearest barra water will religiously travel north every year to get their barramundi fishing fix. And for those that live in the northernmost parts of Australia, barra fishing is a weekly ritual.

While some choose to go it alone, most visitors to the tropical north usually call upon the services of a professional barra guide so they can be put straight onto the fish. From the outside looking in, a lot of people would think guides have the best job in the world. When the fish are snapping and the weather’s kind, they’d be the first to agree that there is no better way to make a living, albeit a modest one, but the downside is dealing with difficult clients, breakdowns, access issues, bad wet seasons, and the worst of all — no fish.

A barra guide also needs dependable gear. Four-wheel drives, boats, motors, trailers, rods, reels and lures, but especially reels, need to perform day-in, day-out. People from all works of life and varying skill levels, many of whom who have never used a baitcaster in anger before, are particularly hard on the gear.

Shimano’s green Curado baitcasters first hit the market many years ago and soon became the guides’ favourite right across northern Australia. Tough, dependable, and easy to strip down in the field if necessary, Curados have undergone a number of transformations, to the stage where they are now quite exquisite pieces of fishing tackle.

They’re still immensely popular up north, but everyone else around the country has cottoned onto them too.

The all-new 2011 Curados feature Dartanium drags capable of exerting five kilos of pressure, which makes them perfect for mono or Power Pro braid use, while the four SA-RB (Sealed Anti-Rust Bearings) and one roller bearing means winding the handle has a velvety smooth feeling.

For baitcaster first-timers, the Variable Braking System or VBS means even beginners can throw out a decent cast and expect to get pretty close to the target, then as skill and confidence grows, the casting blocks can be backed off and an ‘educated thumb’ takes over. The VBS can be accessed in seconds via the turnkey dropdown sideplate.

The presence of SF or Super Free eliminates friction on the spool, which is also an important casting aid.

Curados are light in weight, and coupled with their low profile shape, all-day casting is less of a trial thanks to the AI aircraft-grade frame and Magnumlite spool.

They come in a choice of three retrieve speeds — 5.5:1, 6.5:1 and 7:1 — and there’s even a left-handed model for southpaws.

The Curado range is also of a size suitable for use on bass, yellowbelly and cod — great ‘practice’ fish to sharpen up the presentation skills before that long-awaited northern sojourn.

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