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While it is seen by many as a relaxing pursuit, the fishing environment can be particularly hard on the human body at times. Remaining upright on a pitching, rolling boat, standing for hours at a time in pouring rain, scampering around wave-washed rocks, or even wading a fast flowing stream can all take its toll, and how you adapt to these conditions will have a large bearing on your ultimate fishing success.

Fortunately, Shimano understands these issues and have a range of fishing-friendly hats and caps, rainwear, UPF 30+ shirts, quick-drying clothing, and sunglasses. But what about your feet?

Seemingly innocuous sandflats are home to all manner of nasties, from oyster shells, bull routs and blue ringed octopus, to less natural but nonetheless equally dangerous items like broken glass. The muddier ones can see inferior footwear sucked off the feet and left behind in just a few steps, leaving the wader marooned in a sea of mud and goop.

Oyster or shellfish-clad rocks will cut a fisho’s feet to pieces long before he even reaches the water, plus algae-covered and water-washed rocks can be dangerously slippery.

Staying upright on a boat deck that seems to be rolling through 270 degrees is part technique, part suitable footwear. Deck shoes and runners are okay, but once wet they stay wet, which can make for a long and uncomfortable day. Bare feet are obviously drier and a better option than thongs, but offer no protection from stubbed toes or freshly landed toothy critters like mackerel and wahoo. Grabbing the leader on an active marlin, tuna or shark requires sensible footwear that will enable the wireman to remain upright and, most importantly, on-board.

So what’s the answer to these varied fishing situations? The Shimano Evair fishing shoe!

Made from a single-piece of moulded EVA, these stylish and comfortable fishing shoes are light to wear, don’t absorb fishing smells (a great feature!), and remain cool even on the hottest day. Their non-marking, non-skid soles have just the right amount of stickiness, the tread doesn’t collect small stones that can scratch gelcoat or teak decks, and the Velcro locking strap means that once they’re on, they’re on for good. The open weave sides and upper means they shed water quickly, and therefore dry fast as well.

Shimano Evair Fishing shoes are available in men’s sizes 7-13 and three colours — khaki/black, grey, and a new colour, grey camo.

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