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Shimano’s Lucanus Jigs look a bit like a squid, a bit like an octopus, even a bit like some sort of alien creature from outer space, but since their release three years ago, reef and pelagic species alike think they just look like something good to eat.

Derived from the traditional Japanese snapper jig, Shimano America developed this successful lure even further, and Australian reef species like snapper, pearl perch, WA jewfish, bar cod, kingfish and cobia, not to mention tropical reefies like coral trout, the various emperors and of course ol’ cannonball cod have been lining up to have a crack at them ever since.

Lucanus jigs will work in water depths anywhere from 10 metres to 100 metres, and come in 60, 80, 100, 150 and 200 gram weights, so just about every fishing depth is covered. The luminous eyes on the head are quite prominent, helping the fish locate the lure in deep water and low light situations.

For best results you’ll need the right kind of outfit, and braided line like Power Pro. Shimano have a number of overhead and threadline rods in the TCurve Deep Jig and TCurve Revolution Vertical range that will make a Lucanus dance and, when eaten, get that prized fish to the surface with a minimum of fuss.

The secret to fishing the Lucanus is to work it slow — almost a painfully so in comparison to other jigging styles. A subtle lift and drop or a slow roll will have those skirts pulsing, flaring and looking very squiddy, but sometimes a turn of speed can be beneficial too.

Just be mindful not to strike when you get a bite — wind into the fish, let the rod load up, then steadily lift.

Another nice feature about Lucanus jigs is that the outfit they’re rigged on can also be left to its own devices in a rod holder and still record plenty of hits.

If you’re still not sure about them, use the Lucanus as the sinker on the bottom of a two-hook dropper rig and watch how many fish choose to eat the ‘sinker’ over the baited hooks above it.

There are now four interesting new colours to complement the existing range. The skirts are easily replaceable, as are the deadly sharp Owner hooks, which come in two different sizes and are rigged on tough 80lb Dyneema. Don’t just go with the skirt and head combos as they come though. Try mixing and matching different heads and tails to come up with that winning fish slaying combination. A squirt of Squidgy S Factor on the trailing skirt can also make a big difference on slow fishing days.

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