Power Pro Depth Hunter

Power Pro Depth Hunter

18/10/11 - Author: admin

Whether living dangerously bouncing Squidgies along a rock retaining wall for bream, or jigging kings and samson fish with Butterfly Jigs over deep reef, braided lines in all their forms have revolutionised the way we fish. Their near zero stretch, coupled with their incredible sensitivity means that anglers are fishing more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Braided lines are also available in a kaleidoscope of colours, from high visibility greens and yellows to more subdued tones, but a multi-coloured braid like the Power Pro Depth-Hunter has a number of significant fishing advantages.

This 100 per cent Spectra Fibre four-carrier braid is colour-coded every ten metres (blue, yellow, green, orange), then every 1.5 metres (five feet) there is a noticeable black tic on the line. This is an especially useful feature, especially when fishing with inexperienced anglers. Say you’re trolling a Top End river for barras, with three people fishing. Even when experienced hands are holding the rods, tangles can be hard to avoid. However, if you’re all using the same length leaders and the same lures, it’s possible to create a tight little school, all working in unison but not so close that they’ll tangle, just by counting off the number of black tics as they leave the spool.

Of course, experienced anglers in many other fisheries will be able to make use of this colour-coding system by fishing more precisely through making use of the colour changes to gauge where their lure is at at any given moment.

Another important advantage of Power-Pro Depth-Hunter braid is safety — particularly when jigging. Wild sweeps of the rod may be necessary to get a jig working, but as it nears the boat this excessive enthusiasm can see the jig come flying out of the water, with often painful consequences for someone on board. Nobody wants a 160 gram Butterfly Jig bouncing off their head! But if the jigger makes note of what colour the braid is when his lure is still a few metres under the surface, it can be a reminder to slow the retrieve and accidents like this can be avoided. Not a lot of fish are caught in the last few metres under the surface anyway, but some people feel it’s necessary to be jigging madly all the way to the top.

In addition to these advantages, Power Pro Depth-Hunter braid has an incredible strength-to-diameter ratio, which means you get more of a given line class on any reel. Its Enhanced Body Technology gives it a slick finish which means it casts extremely well, packs on a reel better, picks up less water than more open weave braids, and has no memory, so tangles are less of an issue.

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Power Pro Depth Hunter

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