Become a saltwater master!

Become a saltwater master!

18/10/11 - Author: admin

Thanks to the development of braided lines like Power Pro, small reels now have the ability to punch well above their weight. Of course, whether the reel’s frame, gearing and drag range are up to it is another matter. Two reels that are capable of doing this, however, are the new Shimano Biomaster SW threadlines.

The SW designation stands for salt water, so you know that these reels are constructed with the right gear ratios, line capacity, and drag power to tackle sizeable fish.

The HG or High Gear model is useful for lure fishing situations where all-out speed is important — jigging with Butterfly Jigs, casting pencil poppers and other high-speed surface lures into the washes, spinning with Spanyid metal lures from the rocks or a boat. Think pelagics like Spanish mackerel, wahoo, tailor, the various tuna species, and of course kings, samson fish and amberjack lurking over deep reef.

Conversely, the PG or Power Gear version is a slower ratio of 4.8:1 more suited to fishing Lucanus jigs, or bait fishing the deeper water for pearl perch, bar cod, WA jewfish, places where plenty of low-range grunt is of great benefit. High-speed gearing can be a bit of a disadvantage in these situations.

The two reels take ample amounts of Power Pro braid, with the 6000HG gobbling up 315 metres of 15 kilo, and the 8000PG 290 metres of 24 kilo. Both have the capability to fish 13 kilos of maximum drag — something that would be unheard of from threadline reels of any size, let alone 6000 and 8000 models — just a few years ago.

While you don’t have to go this hard all the time, and many anglers will find these reels perfectly suited to their purpose fishing lighter lines and less intense drag settings, it’s nice to have it up your sleeve, especially when targeting powerful species like yellowtail kingfish holding close to their favourite line-shredding pinnacle.

Look to match either reel with a Terez spin stick and you’ll have a deadly combination capable of walloping some seriously big fish with ease.

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