Light weight with plenty of power!

Light weight with plenty of power!

17/10/11 - Author: admin

If you’re a bait fisherman and are content to leave you rod resting on a forked stick or in a rod holder and wait for the fish to come find you, the weight of your reel probably isn’t that much of a concern unless you find yourself in a prolonged battle with something big. If, on the other hand, you’re a more active style of person who likes spinning with lures or baits and making hundreds of casts during a fishing session, reel weight can be a considerable factor.

Tired arms don’t make for long or accurate casts either, and this can lead to snag ups and lost lures which can be very frustrating – not to mention expensive.

Like the Shimano Thunnus and Stradic, the bodies on Shimano’s new Rarenium threadlines are made from CI4 graphite. CI stands for Carbon Interfusion, while the 4 refers to the number of electrons in the carbon atom. Now this probably doesn’t mean much to you or me, but the fact that the graphite has been reinforced with carbon fibre does represent a significant weight saving without compromising strength or rigidity. This makes it perfect for reel frames and rotors. In fact, it’s even lighter and more durable than magnesium and reels made from CI4 are up to 25 per cent lighter than other reels of the same size.

Now Shimano didn’t develop CI4 just for fishing reels — it has been used for racing bike frames and other componentry for a number of years now, where the design mantra has always been ‘light but strong’  — but it just goes to show that when you buy any Shimano reel you’re also buying technological advances that other manufacturers can only dream about emulating.

CI4 doesn’t rust or corrode, and when you consider that the Rarenium spools have been given the EI surface treatment to make them even more resistant to corrosion, you realise that you’re looking at one tough reel.

So that’s the outside of these exciting reels. Internally, there’s heaps of useful features as well, such as High Efficiency Gearing, Floating Shaft, six SA-RB bearing plus one roller bearing, Aero Wrap II line lay and an oversize Power Roller so the line comes onto the spool as neatly as possible, and leaves it with a minimum of effort, with few tangles and next to no friction.

From casting lures for mid-range bluewater species down to ultra-light trouting in the highlands with 3.5 gram metal Vibes, there’s a Rarenium reel to suit you.

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