Game fishing just got interesting

Game fishing just got interesting

17/10/11 - Author: admin

While it’s possible to catch plenty fish on conventional rod and reel combos using braided lines, a rod that has been specifically engineered to make the most of braid’s many properties is certainly going to perform a whole lot better. This is why Shimano’s new Terez rod lineup is so exciting. What’s more, each model has been especially designed to team up with Power Pro braid.

Braid has minimum stretch, which is what makes it so good for bite detection, hook setting and snag avoidance, but it can lead to pulled hooks, greater stresses on rods and reels, and that can lead to breakages. The action of all Terez rods incorporate just the right amount of ‘give’ into the system to prevent this, but also have the power to break the resistance of a stubborn fish.

The blanks these Terez rods are built on make use of Shimano’s exclusive TC4 graphite design technology. TC3 is a three-ply weave and bluewater anglers would be familiar with this from the Ian Miller-designed TCurve bluewater range, but the Terez rods feature an extra cross weave of graphite up the blank for extra strength.

For a factory-rolled rod, the Terez range is simply first class in design and construction. While a rod’s cosmetics won’t catch you any more fish, the pearl white blanks and silver bindings with black trim are a refreshing change in a market dominated by black coloured blanks. Maybe white is the new black?

There are a number of other features that will make fishing a lot easier. The EVA fighting grips are nicely shaped and thick, so hand cramps don’t arise during long or intense fights, and they’re also shaped to suit the angler’s fingers.

The skeletonised custom reel seats are an indicator of the ‘lighter but stronger’ philosophy, and the heavy bluewater rods in the range have slotted gimbals under removable butt caps.

Braid can also create casting difficulties such as wind knots and line slap, which will affect casting distance. Shimano have spared no expense and therefore fitted the Fuji K Series ‘tangle-free’ guides to the entire range. Braid is also extremely hard on guide inserts, so the K Series Alconite rings create as friction-free a surface as possible.

These rods are pretty specialised, and as we now use drag settings substantially higher than we have become accustomed to after generations of nylon use, each rod has a Power Pro rating above the foregrip. Shimano have also selected a number of threadline and overhead reels that are capable of fishing these crackling drag settings without creating tackle failures. Make your choice from the Stella, Talica, Trinidad A, Biomaster, Sustain, Thunnus, Sargosa and Stradic reel ranges for a deadly fishing combination

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