Sienna RD

Sienna RD

15/07/12 - Author: admin

Prior to the advent of the earth-shattering Baitrunner system from Shimano, rear-drag reels were the only way to allow a fish to run with a bait without leaving the bail arm wide open, the line tucked under a rubber band, or hand-holding the outfit waiting for that bite.

Rear-drag reels were great for small fish, but as the drag was housed within the confines of the reel’s body, on larger models this meant the drag area was quite small and would heat up quickly on a hot-runner. Being inside the reel body, there was also the risk of contamination from grease and oil. Fortunately, the Baitrunner system —where the drag is housed in the front of the reel’s spool and the freespool mechanism is inside the reel — fixed all that, but rear drag reels still have an army of followers right around the world.

Here in Australia, rear drags have long been a popular reel for bait fishing for bream in places like the Gippsland Lakes, where the use of live sandworm, shrimp and clickers (bass yabbies or nippers) is widespread. Those wily old black bream could pick up a lightly weighted or-unweighted bait, swim off with it without a care in the world because there’s no drag on the line, then the angler simply increases the drag when the moment of truth arrives and sets the hook.

Shimano’s new Sienna RD rear drag threadlines are going to take fishing situations like the above scenario to a whole new level.

The graphite frame, sideplate and rotor, coupled with an aluminium spool keeps weight down, while three ball bearings and one roller bearing give a smooth performance reminiscent of more expensive reels. The Propulsion Line Management System ensures casting distances are actually better, with far less effort needed by the caster. There’s also a lesser risk of throwing a soft bait off the hook.

The Sienna RD’s micro-adjustable click rear drag can be increased or decreased without having to put your winding hand near the front of the spool. If you need to turn a fish away from cover, you can increase the drag by, say, three clicks, then when your opponent is out in the open, decrease it by three clicks and relax and enjoy the fight.

The Sienna’s pop-off spool means it’s easy to interchange between nylon and braided line like Power Pro, so it’s possible to soak baits on nylon, then switch to a more active fishing style such as fishing with Squidgies if the fish are giving real bait the thumbs down. The new Sienna RDs have a braid-friendly line lay without any hills or troughs, thanks to the presence of Fluidrive for smoother gear meshing, and the Varispeed oscillation cam.

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