Sustain FG

Sustain FG

11/04/12 - Author: admin

Shimano’s Sustain threadlines continue to evolve, and the all-new FG series incorporate a number of useful features traditionally found only further up the design totem pole.

There are four reels in the re-vamped lineup, ranging from the diminutive 1000FG for freshwater trout, redfin and bass, saltwater bream, whiting and flathead fishing, then all the way up to a robust 5000FG for heavy estuary and offshore work with baits and Squidgies.

All make use of Shimano’s SR Concept, where the reels are Smooth, Silent, and above all, Strong. This is delivered by no fewer than eight A-RB bearings and one roller bearing, X-Ship double-bearing supported pinion gear, a cold-forged aluminium drive gear with Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement, Dyna Balance for less rotor wobble, and Super Stopper II to remove any backplay in the handle.

The AR-C Spool Management System, Propulsion Line Management and Aerowrap II means line enters and leaves the reel with greater efficiency, whether on the cast, the retrieve, or under the pressure of a big fish lugging away at the other end.

The four smaller reels have CI4 rotors for additional weight savings, and all have Magnumlite spools so all-day use is not a problem.

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