TCurve Revolution Offshore

TCurve Revolution Offshore

28/06/12 - Author: admin

When Shimano first released its Ian Miller-designed TCurve game rod series back in 2003, it changed the way Australian anglers looked at off-the-rack game rods. Suddenly we had access to factory-rolled game rods in all the popular line classes, with the same features of a custom rod, but at a far more reasonable price. While top-notch fittings are fine, it is the blank they are fitted to that can have a major bearing on how the rod performs.

Shimano’s exclusive TCurve blanks make use of a proprietary resin formula and manufacturing process. The three-ply weave of the blank cloth is subjected to a unique curing procedure that creates a lively, dynamic blank with hidden reserves of power, yet without the brittleness otherwise associated with high modulus graphite. In turn, this makes for a stronger, more responsive rod.

Since 2003, the TCurve manufacturing process has proven useful in creating rods for numerous high performance fields, and it simply doesn’t get more high performance than offshore sportfishing for yellowtail kings, samson fish, amberjack, giant trevally, cobia, wahoo, Spanish mackerel, dogtooth tuna, yellowfin tuna and marlin!

The TCurve Revolution rod series has been designed to target all the above species and more, and the seven new rods that have been added to this distinguished lineup are real standouts:

There’s a genuine 24 kilo spin rod, perfect for pitch-baiting livies at big marlin and a host of other offshore species.

A mean 37 kilo trolling rod ideal for dealing with nasties like dogtooth tuna living close to the coral.

A deep dropping rod that reflects the growing interest in using Shimano’s Dendou Maru electric reel for chasing hapuka, blueye trevalla and bar cod — magnificent table fish that were once considered to be ‘out of reach’ of recreational anglers.

A braid friendly spin rod, and an overhead rod for five to eight kilo line.

A light and a medium stick bait rod. Stick baits have been used in freshwater fisheries both here and overseas for decades, but their use in saltwater — suitably re-designed and quite a bit stronger of course —is relatively new. These new rods are ideal for fishing Shimano’s Ocea Pencil Baits.

The new models feature Pacific Bay Zirconium guides and winches, dense, well-shaped EVA grips, split butt assemblies where appropriate, and the right amount of under- and over-binding to keep the weight down, the strength up and the actions lively.

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