Technium FC

Technium FC

5/06/12 - Author: admin

So you’ve seen Bushy, Starlo and Chris ‘Slick’ Wright talking about catching bream and flathead on Stiffy Minnows, Vibes and Squidgies at boat shows and on TV, and bait fishing isn’t doing it for you any more, so you decide to put a big toe in the water and give lure fishing for your favourite estuary species a try. You don’t want to spend a fortune on another outfit, just in case it isn’t for you, but at the same time don’t want a reel that’s going to pack it in at the first sign of a big fish, so where do you start?

Well, it’s hard to go past the Shimano Technium FC series.

The list of features found on this mid-priced series of reels is quite astounding and if you were to wind the clock back a few years, you’d really only find them on the likes of the top-of-the-line Stellas and Stradics. Consider this for a line-up of great features to make you fishing more successful — and enjoyable:

Three SA-RB bearings and one roller bearing for smooth operation; Super Stopper II for positive anti-reverse, Dyna-Balance to eliminate rotor wobble during fast retrieves; a CF (Cold Forged) aluminium spool with EI for increased corrosion resistance; AR-C Spool Management System for longer casts, especially with braided super lines; Aero-Wrap for even line lay on the spool; and a Power Roller on the bail arm to eliminate line twist and reduce friction at what can be a notorious hot spot when connected to a hot-running fish.

If all that hasn’t convinced you that these are really something special for their price, you also get a spare CF (Cold Forged) spool, four adjustment washers to modify the line shape on the spool — either forward taper, reverse taper or level — and a tube of oil for lubricating the main gear, which is accessed via a maintenance port on the reel’s body.

Of course these reels aren’t just for bream and flathead. They’re ideal for whiting, mullet, gar, Australian bass and estuary perch. With the 4000FC, try throwing small Spanyid Raiders, Maniacs and Snipers at Aussie salmon, tailor, bonito and frigate mackerel and get that waterproof drag really humming. The 4000FC recovers 77 centimetres of line with every turn of the handle and this fast retrieve will have those lures ripping through the water.

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Technium FC

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