Tego Vented Shirts

Tego Vented Shirts

9/08/12 - Author: admin

Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancer and related health issues in the world, so it’s vitally important to cover up whenever you’re out and about fishing. It’s not just on sunny days either; it’s still possible to cop a serious dose of sunburn under heavy cloud, and windburn can flay exposed skin as well.

While the Slip, Slop, Slap message is still yet to be fully embraced by everyone — even 22 years after its launch — the right choice of outdoor clothing can have a large bearing on your fishing enjoyment and, more importantly, your future health.

Standard fishing attire for maximum sun protection should involve suitable shoes for the given environment, long pants where practical, a broad brimmed hat, polarised sunglasses, regular applications of 30+ sunscreen on exposed skin, and a long-sleeved collared shirt. Old business shirts were a popular option for many years, but it was still possible to get sunburnt through the fabric, especially in the tropics.

This is what makes a custom fishing shirt like the Shimano Tego such a godsend for serious fishos.

The UPF 30+ rating is at the top of the tree as far as sun protection goes, and being 100 per cent polyester it’s also quick drying and stain-resistant — an advantage when constantly getting wet or on a fishing safari where you’ve gone in light on the clothing department and heavy on the extra tackle!

The Tego design is stylish enough to be worn on social occasions too, and vented under the arms and across the back to allow better air circulation on those steamy tropical days.

The neck area is a part of the body we don’t give a lot of sun protection consideration to, and even under a broad-brimmed hat it can still get burnt. One of the unique features of the Tego shirt is that it has a generous collar, but with a significant advantage over other fishing shirts. It actually has a ‘collar within a collar’ and when folded out it doubles the coverage area.

Tego is derived from the Latin word “to conceal”, and another important feature of the Tego shirt is the lack of exposed buttons — an advantage when fly fishing, cast-netting bait or using light braid or monofilament lines on windy days.

The Tego vented fishing shirt is available in white, blue and light grey — all good heat-reflective colours for tropical use — in sizes from small through to XXXL.

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