World Stage

World Stage

4/03/13 - Author: admin

Shimano Australia and Shimano Japan have collaborated to create a unique series of lures designed for Australian fish species, including barra, bass and bream. The World Stage lures come standard with 3X VMC rings and trebles and a great selection of colours, including a glistenin holographic finish. There are four styles available to cater for most situations. The Silent Assassins and Deep Assassins are available in shallow and deeper-diving patterns. They are available in two sizes: 10cm and 12cm. There is a shallow diver that dives only 60cm below the surface and the other which dives down to 1.8m. The shallower-diving lures proved ideally suited to fishing the flats and drains in Darwin and Bynoe Harbours during spring tides. I have tried them on several occasions now, resulting in the capture of both barramundi and threadfin salmon. Their tight and enticing action allows them to be twitched and worked in such a manner that fish find them hard to resist. Weighing in at 15g, these lures can be cast a long way with ease.

The Goliath is a uniquely-designed lure that can be worked either across the surface or just under the surface depending on your retrieve. It has an extremely erratic and enticing action, particularly for barramundi, and can be worked up to 60cm below the surface if required. This design is available in two sizes: 9.5cm and 12.5cm. The Goliath has also worked well casting to snake drains near the low tide in Middle Arm in Darwin Harbour. I have only used the larger 15g model so far and it too can be cast over long distances. I can also see this lure working well during the Run-off when the barra are feeding near the surface. The smaller size would work particularly well early in the Run-off when the barra are feeding on schools of small rainbow fish exiting the floodplains.

The final lure available in this series is designed solely for surface action. The Fortuna is quite a small lure, available in two sizes at 7.5cm and 9cm, and so is best suited for bass and bream. However, I have found it works well on the flats in Darwin Harbour where its action is much akin to small mullet moving around the mouths of snake drains and gutters. It can be worked erratically across the surface where it gives the appearance of a nervous baitfish darting about. I used the smaller version which weighs 8g and so can be easily cast on standard baitcaster tackle. I can also see this lure working well on the billabongs casting amongst the lilies where not only barra but saratoga could be targeted. Once again, the Fortuna lures would work extremely well early in the Run-off when the barra are predominantly feeding on much smaller baitfish.

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World Stage

Shimano's World Stage is another example of the synergy that's emerging between Japanese technology and finish, and home-grown Aussie know-how.

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